In Planpoint Enterprise, you can integrate projects from a single account or many different accounts (by invitation)

Step 1: Go to Enterprises

In your Planpoint dashboard click on Enterprises.


Step 2: Create your Enterprise project

To create you enterprise project, click on new enterprise. Assign a name for the enterprise and click on save and create.


Step 3: Enterprise dashboard

Once you create your project or projects, you can observe them displayed in your enterprise dashboard. Then click on Settings to begin editing your enterprise project.


Step 4: Edit your new Enterprise project

Here, you can customize your enterprise project. You will be able to add your Enterprise image, edit the project’s name, assign the embed options and prices, set the availabilities, layouts, and colors you want to use.

To finalize the project settings, you need to organize everything related to geolocation. Here you can select the map style, the target marker, the map point color and add directions if you wish.

To choose the map to be displayed on the enterprise dashboard, you must set the desired view you want using the map on the right side. Then click on use this view. You can also use the icons on the upper right corner of the map to adjust your map view.


Step 5: Add group projects

Go to the groups tab to add any group project you have.

Once there, simply click on add group and select the group projects you want to include in your enterprise.

Select the desired groups projects and then click Add to Enterprise


Step 6: Add projects

Go to the projects tab to add any project you want.

Select the desired projects and then click Add to Enterprise


Step 7: External projects

You can also add external projects by searching for them by their name. Simply go to the External tab, type the name of the project, choose the project and send a request. After the request is accepted by the project’s owner, you will be able to add it to your enterprise.

Pending requests will be visible at the bottom of the page