Step 1: Select project details, then in your settings you will find the Members section


Step 2: Invite members

Click on the Invite members button to open up the menu. The table below will list all current members of a specific project.


Step 3: Enter the members information

Choose a permission level and simply enter the user’s email address. Administrators have all rights except deleting the current project - this is a right only the main initial owner of a Planpoint account has. Editors can only edit the information contained inside the unit module. This is particularly useful for sales admin.


Step 4: Accepting the invitation

The member that you invited will receive an email from support@planpoint.io asking them to accept the invitation by clicking on a hyperlink. They will be required to setup their account by creating a password to login. If invited to multiple projects with the same email, they will be able to see multiple projects in the dashboard and manage them from it.